Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy30 min.60 min.90 min.
Swedish Massage
Enjoy the traditional Spa experience as you relax with a lighter style of pressure to best help you rest and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Holistic Therapeutic Massage
A full body experience with a holistic approach that utilizes comprehensive techniques of Swedish and Therapeutic to enhance overall wellbeing. Allowing time to focus on releasing muscle tension, to soothe body aches and stiffness, using a firm to moderate pressure.
Holistic Deep Tissue
A full-body massage utilizing deep pressure while maintaining a therapeutic relaxing effect. This approach relieves stress while replenishing drained energy from chronic tight muscles improving overall health. This massage uses many techniques listed above along with cross-fiber friction, passive stretching, trigger point therapy & compression. Recommended for those that need to alleviate pain with deeper concentration & manipulation of the muscles. Highly suggested for clients who need specialized focus on 1-2 problem areas. Not recommended for first time massage clients or clients with Fibromyalgia.
Medical Massage
This type of massage is for those who have chronic (long term) pain, range of motion loss, muscle weakness, athletes, as well as those individuals who suffer from issues like, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, TMJ, Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis and Golfers Elbow, Hip Pain, Stiff Neck, Headaches/Migraines, Difficulty With Every Day Tasks, etc. Our therapists use a variety of methods to alleviate the symptoms and promote the body’s natural healing process. Some of the techniques include: Trigger point therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, just to name a few.
Pregnancy Massage
Specialized massage techniques used for expectant mothers& their babies. Special care, support & positioning is used to ensure comfort & safety for mother & baby.
Hot Stone Massage
This ancient method of massage using smooth heated stones will melt away muscle tension, detoxify the body & relieve your tired & fatigued muscles. This form of “earth medicine” can potentially be the most effective massage there is.
(you may put an add-on to any massage)
A Touch of Stone
Begin your massage with hot stones that are used to warm up your tissue on your back to loosen the tissue to maximize the effect of whatever style massage you have chosen.
A Touch of Ice (cryotherapy)
Near the end of your session, enjoy having an ice massage on a specified problem area to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.


The Rhythm & Ritual of Aromatherapy Body Treatments

Using the finest bio-dynamically farmed ingredients and the body’s natural rhythms to encourage and strengthen the body’s natural self-healing processes.

Body Treatment ServicesPrices
Mediterranean Mud Wrap (Slimming & Nourishing)
Since ancient times, women like Juliet, have used the most natural remedies for health and beauty care. Rich in minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids and other healing properties derived straight from the nature’s finest plants. This luxurious body is completed with an aromatherapy cleansing followed by a light massage using a stimulating blend of essential oils. This indulging mud treatment will slim and nourish the body while detoxifying. (60 min.)
Recommended products: Regenerating Body Moisturizer
Lemon & Rosemary Cellulite Treatment (Energizing & Uplifting)
An invigorating 75 minute anti cellulite treatment using properties of Lemons, Lemongrass and Rosemary to firm, stimulate, and fortify the body’s ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This organic treatment starts with a gentle lemon scrub to exfoliate and energize with an uplifting scent of sun-ripened lemons. Cellulite prone areas will be vigorously massaged with our Rosemary bath blend, followed by a wrap with special linens that are steeped in a lemon & rosemary to target areas prone to cellulite. Topped off with a relaxing massage using our Lemon-lemon grass body oil, that contains lemon peel, lemon grass, mistletoe, and horsetail. These ingredients are combined to fortify and firm skin prone to cellulite. This treatment revitalizes the senses and leaves your skin firm and toned. (75 min.)
Recommended products: Lemon Lemongrass Moisturizer, Lemon bath, Rosemary Bath, Lemon Body Wash, Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner, Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil
Sage & Birch Arnica Body Treatment (Nurtures and Revives)
Sports Lovers Dream! May just be the perfect ending of a long hard day at work. This awakening and invigorating aromatherapy treatment will detoxify and eliminate lactic acid, and soothe sore aching muscles after a great workout or long day on your feet. This treatment will begin with a Sage cleansing, to stimulate the senses and refresh your body after physical activity. The sage will clarify the skin, balance excessive perspiration, and visibly reduce redness and blemishes on the body. Next, a therapeutic 50-minute massage using birch arnica oil to revitalize and support flexibility for tight muscles and fatigue joints. (60 min.)
Recommended products : Sage bath, Birch Arnica Body Oil, Quince Body Moisturizer
True Turkish Experience (Exfoliates and Renews)
The Sultan of all body polishes! Deep exfoliating is a true Turkish tradition (Hammam) to keep skin healthy and glowing. This treatment begins with a warm stimulating herbal wrap to soften the skin and detoxify the body. While relaxing in the wrap a lavender aromatherapy scalp, head and neck massage will be performed. Next, a blend of body polishes using salts from the Aegean & Mediterranean Sea and the Himalayan Mountains combined with the sweet scent of rose oil to deeply exfoliate the body. This traditional bathing ritual will end with a relaxing 30-minute rose oil massage to nurture the skin and senses. This blend of rose petal extracts and rose essential oil protects, soothes and calms sensitive skin. The perfect treatment for protecting all skin conditions in the winter and great for very dry skin. Do not shave prior to treatment. (75 min.)
Recommended products: Rose Body Moisturizer, Bath Sea Salts, Rose Body Oil
Chinese Ultimate Herbal Experience (Harmonizing and Warming)
This potent, regenerative treatment is based on the ancient science of healing your mind and body with the medicinal properties of herb and plants. Your body is lightly massaged with warm essential oils followed by an exfoliating Chinese herbal body polish. You are then cocooned in warm special linens that have been steamed in a fragrant blend of therapeutic herbs and essential spruce oils. The scent of Norway spruce encourages deep breathing, offering calmness and deep relaxation. Spruce will also bring warmth and vitality to pale, tired skin. We then follow it with a customized facial will set you into an even deeper relaxation including cleansing, toning, a hydrating mask and moisturizer. To complete this natural treatment you are massaged with a rich and creamy moor-lavender body oil for a 30-minute therapeutic massage. This special treatment provides a sense of comfort, protection and well-being to the body and mind during times of restlessness or stress. Recommended to calm emotional exhaustion; great for periods of convalescence. Do not shave prior to treatment. (90 min.)
Recommended products: Spruce Bath, Moor Lavender Body Oil, Lavender Bath, Almond Body Moisturizer
Blackthorn Body Treatment (Soothing & Replenishing)
This 60-minute treatment is great for moms who want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and promote feelings of balance and wellbeing. Your entire body will be enveloped in warm wet towels to prepare the skin to easily absorb the plant extracts. Extracts of Blackthorn blossom, skin-fortifying birch leaf (to support and maintain the skin’s elasticity), and St. John’s Wort extract (to support healthy cell renewal and to fortify stressed skin) will be massaged into the entire body. The additional ingredients such as the organic sunflower seed oil is lightweight and rich in unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids, making it easily absorbed, calming and replenishing. The jojoba oil that helps preserve the skins moisture, leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is also great for clients who have experienced weight gain or loss. Regular massages using this unique blend are recommended for best results. (60 min.)
Citrus Scrub – A full body exfoliation using the finest citrus salts or sugars topped off with an aromatherapy body moisturizer. (45 min.)$50