Jennifer Crystal

(Sr. Master Stylist)
Jennifer Crystal
* Classic blow outs (no irons) may be booked in base color application windows for women. Men's cuts need approval first (depends on client).
* No double book men's color.
* No double book new clients.
* No double book only highlights (no base color).
* Specific clients to be booked in private room upon request (for religious reasons).
* Prices subject to change depending on length/thickness of hair.
* Color corrections/hair extensions booked with cc on file $25 no show fee.
Base Break (30min.)$35 and up
Women's Cut (1hr.)$55 and up
New Women's Cut (1hr15min.)$55 and up
Men's Cut (45min.)$30 and up
New Men's Cut (45min.)$32 and up
Blow Out (30-45min.)$35 and up
Dress Work 1hr-1hr15min.)$65 and up
Makeup (45min.)$55
Eyebrow Wax (20min.)$15
Lip Wax (15min.)$10
Eyebrow Tint (20min.)$15
Base Color (1hr5min.)$65 and up
Partial Highlights (1hr30min.)$75 and up
Full Highlights (2hr30min.)$100 and up
Partial Dimensional (1hr30min.)$85 and up
Full Dimensional (2hr30min.)$110 and up
Men's Base Color (35min.)$35 and up
Toner (30min.)$35
Deep Conditioning Mask$35 and up
Color Correction - Consultation Required
Tape-in Extensions - Consultation Required
Keratin Treatment - Consultation Required
Wedding Parties On / Off Location - Consultation Required